Countless customized menus later, I still strive to raise the bar by turning eating into a an overall experience, regional cuisine and fusion into an art form, and gathering together into intentional and meaningful acts.


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Freshness is at the core of our ethos. As a private chef, preparing food on-site, whenever we can, for an authentic culinary experience is at the heart of every customized menu. Whether we are tasked with cooking a wedding meal out of a tiny house kitchen, catering a hundred & fifty person reception from a private home, navigating an Airbnb kitchen with visitors, or setting up an outdoor grill at a scenic, off-grid location, we specialize in adapting a restaurant quality feast to the space each client has chosen to host from. 

Kindness and attention to detail make our team like no other. Hospitality is at our core and we truly believe there is a seat for everyone at the table. With that in mind, we offer specialized consultations and constant care for all of our clients. 

Welcome to OUR TABLE