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Decompiling Java source code is becoming more and more popular. With IDA, it's now easy to deal with (limited) Java source codes, as well as applets and.jar files, without having to deal with the memory management. But some stuff is still "only" possible to decompile and process with an applet. When the Java applet is a key component of a program, with no way of reading its source code or decompiling it. Such is the case with Java applications that embeds a "Java" application, either as a desktop applet or an embedded web application. Java application, with an embedded applet Applets are easy to develop. With Java, you just need to use the Swing package. Then, you put a Swing control in your form, and you're done. You can even install it with your.jar or.jnlp file. Applets have their uses, like embedding the embedded calculator from my previous article. Web applications is an entirely different story. Web application are typically server side applications, used to serve web pages, and can be accessed with a browser. Java web application is a little bit more complicated to develop than web pages. There are several ways to create Java web application: JSP, servlets and the infamous J2EE. With servlets, you can develop your Java application in a.jsp page that is served as a web page. A servlet is essentially a Java class that extends from the HttpServlet class. This allows servlets to receive HTTP requests in a HTTP request/response cycle, as well as to send HTTP responses in that cycle. Servlets are much more powerful than.jsp. But, with servlets, you still have to deal with the Web container, which is much more complicated than JSP. Servlets are still popular and have their uses, but with the deployment of Java EE 5, JSP is not just a simple page generator, but is now also a web container, like servlets. With Java EE, you now can do the following: Create your Java web application, with a web.xml file, packaged in a.jar file. Run your Java web application in a server. The server will then deploy your.jar file in a module. A module is nothing more than a set of classes, that represent a functionality, or a component. This




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