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How Does This Work?

Once you decide to hire Mila's Mesa for your special event & chef services, you will be prompted by our booking processes to fill out some information after which we will schedule an online or phone consultation. You will then be quoted for the services and receive an invoice that will instruct you to pay a deposit of half the total cost of your event (which is typically a per guest amount alongside a sliding scale of extras, i.e. $50-$200/guest.) This price includes our back-end costs, menu development, groceries, preparation, execution of menu, and clean up. Your quote may be adjusted if other services are added, however we do have a minimum booking fee of $400.


Once your deposit is paid, book your special date on our calendar. At this point, an secondary appointment will be scheduled to finalize and discuss further details and expectations. The day of your event, the chef will bring all necessary equipment and mise en place to the location and render the services agreed upon. You are required, however to have a fully functional, clean and reasonably clear kitchen with working stove, oven, running water, refrigerator and counter space.The chef will clean the kitchen just before leaving and you will receive an invoice with your remaining balance as well as the option to include gratuity.

Mila's Mesa requires that Covid-19 best practices are followed by our staff to ensure your and our safety. We wear masks for the entirety of our service and have laid out guidelines in our contracts.


Remember, we cook in your kitchen and we aim to take care of you and your home like familia.

How Much Does This Cost?

Mila's Mesa offers a variety of services with different pricing tiers depending on the client’s needs and specifications. Private dinners begin at $50 per guest which includes a  personalized menu, shopping, preparation, and transferring of ingredients to the event, execution of service, and kitchen. Our minimum per event, which includes a gourmet dinner for two, is $400. We do this to ensure the highest degree of quality product and attention to our clients. All of our services are tip optional but appreciated if servers are required. Confirming your date  requires a deposit of half the total cost. The menu, number of courses, cost of ingredients, and distance to location will all play a factor into the final cost per person.


We will soon be offering  personal chef weekly meal prep service, with prices beginning at $300 per weekly service depending on dietary needs/preferences, number of portions, as well as the average cost of higher-end ingredients if requested. This cost covers menu development based off a thorough diet assessment, the shopping, transporting, and cooking of said meals, thorough kitchen cleaning, and relaying of appropriate reheating instructions for each individual meal as needed. This service typically takes place within approximately 5-6 hours in your home kitchen one day per week.

Mila's Mesa is proud to be able to serve Albuquerque's elite and is open to working with all of our clients to ensure satisfaction from booking to last bite.

Do you Customize Menus?

Mila's Mesa is continually modifying menus to highlight the flavors of the season as well as making our client's culinary dreams come true. We have a small staff of highly experienced chefs with creative approaches which are representative of our region as well as new ways of approaching elevated cuisine.

As personal and private chefs, Mila's Mesa not only wants to make incredible food but we want to make sure everyone’s needs are met. We recognize that many have dietary concerns and preferences and do our best to accommodate in these situations. We want you to remember that we took the time and care to listen and create a unique service just for you.

For our personalized weekly meal prep services, we have our clients fill out a thorough questionnaire that covers all the bases concerning dietary needs and preferences. It is our priority to nourish and provide truly satisfying and convenient meals to our clients. Stay tuned for this service.

What Do Your Services Include?

Mila's Mesa offers premium chef services which come at a higher cost, however we include several services. Included in your quote are two consultations, custom menu development, purchasing of quality, seasonal and local/organic (where possible) ingredients, transportation of product and equipment to your event (unless outside of our normal service area at which point an additional fee may be charged), the chef's time and expertise in executing your menu, one assistant/server, garbage removal (if requested) and kitchen clean-up.

Some of our smaller packages which are in our elite pricing tier, include dishware, silverware and table set-up as well as removal of these items. Glassware not included. For larger events we do not include dishware, however we will coordinate rentals if necessary and guide you through the process. 

Keep in mind that additional charges may be added if it is determined that extra staff is necessary for you service i.e. servers, kitchen assistant, etc. We always make sure to recommend the correct number of staff needed in order to ensure an impeccable experience.

Do You Cater Large Events & What Is Your Minimum Guest Count?

Mila's Mesa currently has two passionate chefs. Depending on the occasion, we will often hire out other talented supportive staff i.e. servers, prep cooks. That being said, we are capable of cooking for up to 75 if the space is appropriate and if we have a large enough window of time to formulate a plan for the event and menu. Of course, this number depends on safe gathering guidelines laid out by our State during Covid-19 restrictions.

For private dinner parties, we focus on elegant multi-course meals, boutique style tasting menus for intimate gatherings or tapas style cocktail parties. We also offer more casual services like backyard grilling and high-end taco parties. We are flexible in the services that we offer and are willing to make your event a special one.


Mila's Mesa offers an intimate couple’s dinner and date night if requested in a timely manner. We charge a higher cost to offset a higher-paying event but will provide a dinner experience with the best ingredients and service possible. We find that for a coursed-out service, 30 guests and below is ideal. Beyond this, we have to hire-on additional help which requires us to charge accordingly.

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