When COVID-19 changed the landscape of the food industry overnight, Jamila, a former Catering Director of an award-winning local catering company, special event coordinator, and Private Chef jumped to the challenge to serve the Albuquerque-Santa Fe community. 

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From small family dinners to milestone events, like birthdays, anniversaries, and intimate weddings, Mila's Mesa is providing upscale and unique culinary experiences for modern-minded New Mexican's and visitors alike. With a lack of gourmet or cottage caterers willing or able to provide services, Mila's Mesa is offering an alternative solution to run-of-the-mill catering standards.

As a creative and problem-solving expert, Jamila has gone back to her roots as a Private Chef and, as a homage to her Peruvian Abuela, Luzmila, she is combining culinary home services with people's desire to celebrate safely, deliciously, and uniquely. Serving up elevated Latin, Regional Southwestern & New American cuisine, Mila's Mesa is quickly becoming local's special event go-to and visitor's culinary must-do.

Utilizing her background of over twenty years in the restaurant, catering, and hospitality industry, and with her knowledge of a wide variety of cuisines learned from extensive American and International travel, Jamila (Mila), is now laying the groundwork for a new way of dining in.


Since opening in the midst of the 2020 Pandemic, Mila's Mesa has been expanding at a record rate offering a home for many food industry professionals and aspiring chefs whose careers or opportunities dried up with the sudden closures of restaurants, schools, and catering/hospitality companies. Offering part-time, on-call, training, and flexibility, Mila's Mesa has put together several teams of truly amazing folks. 

Recently, Mila's Mesa has introduced Vegan and Specialty Diet menus with the hiring of a dedicated Vegan Pastry Chef. Also on staff is a Grill Master, professional servers, and a close-knit band of creatives and community-minded individuals. 

In addition, Mila's Mesa has built strong ties with other local creatives and businesses who bring so much love, community, and amazing products and services to the table - or mesa 

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